Sharelyt App, Brings Electricity to The Doorstep of Consumers

To prevent frequent power outages for consumers, Sharelyt a mobile application app that enables consumers to purchase and share electricity credit online has been developed.

To solve the problem, founders Owagu Franklin Ugochukwu and Abubakari Sherifa came up with Sharelyt. The web and mobile app are designed to enable electricity consumers to purchase and share electricity credit online. It also enables them to predict electricity consumption using Artificial Intelligence.

According to the Founders, Sharelyt is an Information and Communication Technology startup project which enables consumers of electricity to cue and purchase electricity credit online.

They added that the design allows customers to get electricity at any time of the day.

The App will serve as a big relief to customers since most vendors close early. Customers would not have to wait till morning to get access to electricity.

The platform also allows them to share credit with family and friends. Currently, the founders are working on making it a WebApp platform and also a mobile app at the same time.

When questioned about how their product worked, co-founder Ugochukwu said “our product focuses on the consumption rate in the sense that it takes your consumption history and gives you hourly consumption records and also updates you when it is getting low no matter where you are”.

He went on to say that the prediction aspects help you to also make an informed decision.

The system, he explained, alerts you on the amount of electricity you will consume in a month. This makes it easier for you to prepare a budget.

He also added “if you are not registered it alerts you to do so. It also requests for your meter number, your email, and password to log in. After the process is done, it gives you access to the purchasing page. It also gives you the podcast page where you check your podcast before you make any purchase and finally the sharing feature where you share the electricity with anyone”

With all that has been shared we see how electricity has been brought to our doorsteps. Enough of the sleepless light because of heat. Sharelyt, welcome to a brighter world.



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