Jack Dorsey To Keynote At Africa Fintech Summit 2020

Dedalus Global and Ibex Frontier have announced that Twitter Founder Jack Dorsey will be giving the closing keynote at this year’s Africa Fintech Summit (AFTS) to be held virtually from November 9–12.

Dedalus Global is a strategic advisory group while Ibex Frontier is an Ethiopian-focused advisory firm. The two companies partnered to organise this year’s AFTS which is a global initiative dedicated to the African fintech ecosystem.

The keynote address will revolve around the concepts of decentralized finance and opportunities it creates for financial inclusion. It will mark a year since he visited Africa to meet with several of the continent’s tech leaders and incubation houses.

According to a statement released by Dedalus Global and Ibex Frontier, The Twitter Founder is “considered to be one of the biggest influencers in tech ecosystems worldwide and is often revered as a futurist”.

“His listening tour in Africa confirmed the consensus that Africa will define the future. He has since held an active and insightful voice on the future of African fintech, in particular, the future of cryptocurrency. With an unbanked population of 66%, and a credit card penetration rate that averages 1.5%, the applications for crypto in sub-Saharan Africa only help solidify Dorsey’s interest in the continent”, the statement read.

Throughout the three day event, participants will have the opportunity to; engage and learn from 60 of sector’s most active thought leaders over the course of 12 panel sessions, 3 fireside chats, and related discussion forums.

They will also participate in discussions that dissect some of the sector’s regulatory hurdles and connect with early-stage startups and the latest innovations through a startup expo.

Participants are also expected to meet with the industry’s stakeholders — investors, startups, regulators, banking execs, and more! — in curated networking sessions or 1x1 and learn best practices for approaching different types of investors, banking partners, and regulators.

The Summit will conclude on November 12 with the regional final of Pegasus Tech Ventures’ Startup World Cup global pitch competition, the winner of which will be invited to compete for US$1M at the global semi-finals in Silicon Valley in May 2021.

Startups apply to exhibit and pitch by visiting and submitting the form at www.AfricaFintechSummit.com/alphaexpo/apply/

Register and view the agenda and speakers for the event at www.AfricaFintechSummit.com



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