iAssist Africa Is Building The Largest Remote Assistance Company In Africa For Startups

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3 min readMar 3, 2022


Somewhere in Lagos, Nigeria, an assistance company is rethinking how startups, business coaches and business owners can get more work done while delegating the jobs that no one else on their team has time to do. They want to help startups cut down hiring costs by delegating their experts(iAssistants) to these startups.

Called iAssist Africa, the company assists startups and medium-sized businesses from any part of the world with their repeatable, relevant, but tedious tasks to focus on work they enjoy. The company aims to build Africa’s largest remote assistance company and intends to reach 500 startups and businesses by the end of 2022.

iAssist Africa does this by working with remote teams across Africa who serve clients representing some of the most forward-thinking businesses within and outside Africa. Gilead Ogbonna, Ruby Ogbonna and Babatunde Sanni founded the company in August 2021, although they conceived the idea in 2019.

“Having worked as independent freelance professionals over the years ourselves, we understand the pain our clients go through and how thrilled they get when their frustration turns to relief when they work with our founding team. The obvious next step was to help many more businesses.”

“Imagine we solve this problem for every startup founder(s), business coach and expert. So much time will be saved, resources will be put to better use, and team members will regain their joy working on tasks they truly enjoy. While we are still at our early stage of growth, we see the significant opportunity open to bring our pool of remote assistants to help transform businesses and help “them stand tall and proud, wherever they are located. Let’s do this together,” Gilead expressed.

At first glance, iAssist Africa may seem like another freelancing platform like Upwork, but that is not the case. The world already has enough freelancing platforms; the many struggling freelancing platforms from Africa and other parts of the world affirms this.

To change the status quo, iAssist Africa decided to adopt a structure that guaranteed that all freelancers in its pool do not have to compete to get gigs. Customers do not have to juggle multiple freelancers before getting one task done right.

“we’ve learned from our customers that dealing with multiple freelancers on multiple tasks can get overwhelming, and it’s relieving that iAssist Africa already has this taken care of right out of the gate.”

“We currently focus on recruiting experienced freelancers to join our pool from where we delegate tasks as they come. We intend for this approach to remain in place to guarantee the best results for our customers,” Gilead elaborated.

iAssist Africa currently uses No-Code tools to deploy its solutions quickly to the marketplace (its MVP), to test and reach product fit market as soon as possible to drive its next KPI.

Since its launch, the bootstrapped company has assisted eleven businesses and generated revenue from customers in the UK, USA and Nigeria. iAssist Africa also has a pending application at Y-Combinator.



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