Ghana: Creator Of “Veronica Bucket” Expresses Regret Over Failure To Patent Her Product

Veronica Bekoe, the creator of the now globally famous Veronica Bucket, has referred to her failure to patent her design, as her “greatest mistake”.

Following the COVID 19 pandemic, Veronica buckets became a necessity in curbing the virus in homes, schools, supermarkets and all other public places.

Due to this, Madam Veronica lost the exclusive rights to her innovation since many countries had already adopted it to fight against the virus.

“I didn’t look ahead to improve upon it. I never thought it would be this popular. I failed to patent my work which is my greatest mistake on my part. I’m advising the youth coming up with all these innovations to persevere and make sure they patent and get the needed support,” she said.

She also advised entrepreneurs to refrain from duplicating other people’s work, but rather “look ahead and produce something that is different”.

“We should be more innovative and make sure whatever we come out with is unique” she noted.

Madam Veronica Bekoe originally invented the buckets to be used in schools and hospitals as a solution to preventing diseases caused by lack of running water to wash the hands.

The invention was named after her by a Canadian medical practitioner who came to Ghana to assist her with the invention.

After frequent washing of hands with soap under running water became a new normal, her buckets were instantly brought into the spotlight and adopted by millions of people worldwide.




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Digital Times Africa

Digital Times Africa

Digital Times Africa is a multimedia news organization for technology in Africa and beyond.

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