Four African Gaming Studios Launch The First Pan-African Mobile Game, Mama Atingi Shop

  1. Leti Arts (Ghana) is a game studio working in Ghana and Kenya, leading the charge in the new wave of Africa’s rich storytelling tradition with a vision to shape a new generation of unique content through comics and games. For over a decade, Leti Arts has had a breadth of industry knowledge and experience, providing exciting interactive consultancy services to other industry players. They have a proven track record of building interactive video games for advocacy projects across the continent in the fields of Health, Environment and Sanitation, Finance, African heritage. Learn more at
  2. Maliyo Games (Nigeria) is a Lagos-based game development studio that creates African-inspired games for mobile users with over 40 games in its portfolio. Maliyo infuses the continent’s lively culture and the context in each of its titles. Our goal is to embed Africa’s vibrant culture into video games through storylines, character development, immersive environments, captivating sounds and strong visuals. Learn more at
  3. Usiku Games (Kenya) harnesses the power of gamification for positive social impact in communities across Africa. With more than 350 million smartphone users online across the continent. We believe that mobile games are the best way to serve its youth by adding the emotional elements of fun, challenge & curiosity; # GamingForGood can create powerful behavioural nudges in prevailing continental development challenges. Learn more at
  4. Kayfo Games (Senegal) aims to produce fun, engaging and non-violent gaming experiences made in Africa for African audiences. We firmly believe that video games are the best platform for raising awareness and educating the youth in many interactive ways. Kayfo is a 10-person game development studio based in Dakar, Senegal. Learn more at




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Digital Times Africa

Digital Times Africa

Digital Times Africa is a multimedia news organization for technology in Africa and beyond.

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