Digital Times Africa Awarded As The Best Media House Supporting Female Entrepreneurship

An army of entrepreneurs and startups have risen to develop and build tech-inclined solutions and products to ease the economic strain in Africa.

Concerning this, African media houses have caught up with the revolution and have become reliable mouthpieces for these entrepreneurs and innovators. One of such media houses stationed at the forefront to curate and promote relevant and credible content is Digital Times Africa.

Digital Times Africa has been awarded the Best Media House supporting female entrepreneurship. Founded in 2020 and spearheaded by five players, Digital Times Africa has put in efforts to shine the light on women entrepreneurs, peak into every hook and cranny to dig out relevant content, and drive conversations that have accelerated innovation and growth within the African tech ecosystem.

“As a corporate media agency putting businesses in the limelight, driving conversations, and reporting in-depth analysis, winning the award encourages us and confirms that we are growing fast and making impacts. We identified a huge gender divide within the industry and we sought to correct that. We partnered with certain organizations such as Ghana Tech Lab and Kumasi Hive who are also championing the cause. These partnerships among others gave us the needed advantage to accelerate female entrepreneurship. Women have a lot of potentials and for the years ahead of us, we will continue to tap into that and show the spotlight on them,” Digital Times’ Team Lead Richard Joseph stated.

He continued, “For our next phase, it is our objective to go beyond reporting to meet the demand of tech enthusiasts. We believe that technology affects every individual and in light of this, we will venture into the informal areas and bring to light the vitality of technology in those areas. We want to elevate and update every African and not just a section of people in technology.”

“Digital Times Africa (DT Africa) is on a mission to create stellar digital content for the benefit of empowering entrepreneurs, startups, technology enthusiasts, and policy pillars.”

Since its operation, the multimedia agency has produced “The Digital Factory,” a virtual dialogue series that welcomes experienced industry players and aspiring ones to share, question, and propose solutions to Africa’s tech ecosystem problems. Digital Times Africa has also leveraged the art of collaboration and has made impacts with significant industry players like SAGE Nigeria, Startup Accra, Hacklab Foundation, and SIA-Africa. The media house also boasts of its successful events such as “Africa’s Digital Future” and “Creative Confab”.




Digital Times Africa is a multimedia news organization for technology in Africa and beyond.

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Digital Times Africa

Digital Times Africa

Digital Times Africa is a multimedia news organization for technology in Africa and beyond.

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