Bono Nkoso Is Connecting Informal Business Owners To Customers Beyond Their Communities

Abigail Oteng-marfo, CEO of Bono Nkoso

The promotion of brands to connect with potential customers using the internet and other forms of digital communication has grown popular. Digital marketing has shown businesses its benefit by amassing a wider audience through email, social media, web-based advertising, etc. However, the informal and typically local business owners cannot say the same because they can neither read nor write and lack basic digital skills.

Bono Nkoso is proposing to change the narrative for the informal sector. Bono Nkoso promotes businesses, mainly agriculture and trade, in the informal sector through digital marketing.

“I noticed that most business owners in the informal sector could not use digital marketing because they could neither read nor write. They lack the necessary digital skills, which played a role in their limited reach. So, I decided to serve as an intermediate for them by creating, registering these businesses on existing e-commerce platforms, and managing their platforms, ” said Abigail Oteng-marfo, CEO.

Bono Nkoso has begun with the agricultural sector; the startup has created an online business called “fofole market,” which supplies agrarian produce from farmers and other local suppliers to final consumers across the country.

The startup is focused on the informal sector in Techiman and its environs and hopes to extend its services to other Bono lands. “Our bigger vision is to amass a wider reach, possibly the whole country, for our customers.”

The bootstrapped startup recently emerged as the first runner-up during the Ghana Ladies in Tech Summit and Awards. The GLiT Summit and Awards sought to celebrate outstanding female efforts and achievements in the tech ecosystem.

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