Bolt Ghana Re-Introduces The Comfort Option And Seeks Expansion In Kumasi

Bolt’s Comfort category was deactivated for a while now, allowing only the Main and Lite option to function in Ghana. Now, the ride-hailing platform has re-introduced the bolt comfort option, paving the way for a rollout in Kumasi this month.

According to David Kotei Nikoi, the Country Manager, the Bolt Comfort is crafted with the passengers’ comfort in mind, so vehicles in this category have been carefully selected to ensure that each ride meets the utmost comfort standards.

“Bolt Comfort offers an affordable yet comfortable option for discerning commuters looking for the reliability of a highly rated driver,” noted David Kotei Nikoi. “This new offering expands the range of options available to Bolt customers, and further iterates Bolt Ghana’s commitment to providing superior and optimum passenger experience to the discerning customer”, he added.

The category is suitable for passengers, who need more legroom to have great experiences as they move around the city.

Additionally, all Bolt Comfort drivers are top-rated drivers. Hence, a passenger who requests a ride from the comfort category will be driven by Bolt’s best-in-class drivers who have a track record of delivering 5-star services. Typically, these drivers enjoy higher ratings because they accept trips quickly and arrive at the collection point timeously, offering passengers the kind of reliability they expect when navigating a business day crammed full of appointments and meetings.

Drivers in this ride-type will only be eligible if they drive a 2010 or newer model saloon car or SUV that offers more comfort and spaciousness on a ride. Therefore, passengers can expect a more premium service when hailing a Bolt Comfort ride.




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Digital Times Africa

Digital Times Africa is a multimedia news organization for technology in Africa and beyond.

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