Psychology says the reason you can’t stop scrolling, liking and sharing countless posts on social media is due to dopamine. Dopamine is a chemical in the brain that motivates reward-seeking behaviour by triggering feelings of pleasure and enjoyment. These behaviours include but are not limited to using narcotic drugs, engaging in successful social interactions, having sex and eating food.

Concerning this, the dopamine feedback loop refers to situations where you are constantly driven to anticipate and perform specific actions repeatedly to pursue these temporary rewards or feelings of pleasure stimulated by dopamine.

In this age of smartphones and social media…

Africa has Jumia, Jiji, Konga, just to mention a few, and now it has Atonzo.

Founded by Ghanaian Entrepreneur Daniel Agblo, Atonzo is a B2C platform that provides sellers and buyers with an avenue to meet and exchange goods for cash.

Beyond its exchange platform, Atonzo’s business strategy is positioned to combat fraudulent activities from vendors. Before vendors are signed up onto the platform, a video call is held by Atonzo staff to verify the credibility of the store. IDs, business certifications, and all necessary documents are thoroughly checked. …

The overview of tourism

Ghana is one of the best African countries to consider when you are planning a vacation or a trip. The country is known for its lush forests, sandy beaches, mountains and waterfalls, national parks, numerous festivals, castles, just to mention a few.

These beautiful elements come together to give tourists a unique tourism experience when they visit. Notably, the tourism sector contributes to 6% of Ghana’s GDP.

In 2019, Ghana hosted the year of return, an event to commemorate the 400th-anniversary arrival of the first recorded enslaved Africans in the State of Virginia in the United…

Africa is home to beautiful people with diverse cultures and lifestyles. The continent also houses most mineral resources and as such, can be branded as the wealthiest continent. Yet, almost all the time, the continent’s negative side is what basks in the limelight.

Bra Afrika is a Ghanaian startup that aims to change Africa’s narrative through digital media.

The six-member startup research, capture, and distribute African content in the form of documentaries, stock photos, and articles, mainly to Diasporans and non-Africans.

Additionally, they partner with local markets to produce and sell African-branded products such as kente shirts, beads, caps, etc.

Maxwell Deladem Xonu, in his capacity to ensure an eco-friendly environment, has built EBAPreneur. EBAPreneur is a social enterprise that focuses on two things; promoting positive impacts on climate and helping local farmers combat post-harvest losses.

Before EBAPreneur was established, the Ghanaian entrepreneur and his team received support from the United Nations Environment Program, Nairobi. Maxwell stated that the patrons of the program trained and equipped them with the necessary skills to produce briquettes and fabricate solar driers. …

The Makerspace team of Ghana Tech Lab has recently discovered a new method of 3D printing. By definition, 3D printing is the process of making three-dimensional solid objects from a digital file on a 3D printer. The printer usually allows the creation of a physical object from a three-dimensional digital model, typically by laying down many thin layers of filaments in succession.

The Makerspace is a developmental space in GTL that is focused on churning out imaginations and creativity into manifestation. For instance, they have developed many innovative products, and were extra creative, especially during the COVID. Some innovative products…

Devdex, a software company in Ghana, has rolled out Africa’s first healthtech platform built on blockchain to provide electronic medical records (EMR) solutions for medical facilities.

Called Yarysa, it was founded in 2019 by Nana Osafo-Bosompem, Dr. Appiah-Sakyi, and Caleb Hoffmann but fully functioned in 2020. The Yarysa platform acts as a management system for hospitals by providing patients with transparent and data-driven results.

Initially, Devdex focused on building software solutions for customers but branched into the health sector after it identified gaps within the sector with the help of a doctor. Nana identified that doctors were still used to…

The Startup Network, a subsidiary of the African Network of Entrepreneurs (TANOE) has launched the third edition of its flagship initiative which is happening on October 1, 2021.

Called the Ghana Startup Awards, the initiative seeks to celebrate and honor ambitious and indigenous Ghanaian startup businesses that are making an impact, contributing to economic growth, meeting social needs, and putting Ghana on the global economic map.

The Awards will honor young, smart, tactical, adaptable, non-conformist, organized, and energetic startups passionately building and growing globally competitive businesses in 28 different categories and various sectors.

It will also honor startups who have…

Did you recently start the developer journey? Or you have been in existence for a while, but you operate solo and need a team? Then this is the right article to read. Before I list the various communities you can join, let us delve into what developer communities are.

What are developer communities?

These are ecosystems that create the environment for developers to connect, learn, and grow. Developer communities are relevant because they create access to senior developers who can act as mentors, they connect you to a support group to help with technicalities, and they lead you to your goals quickly. …

Getting access to a doctor can be quite tedious. Think about the appointment queue, the hollow looks on the patients’ faces, the unpleasant smell, the sluggish movements of some nurses, and to sum it all, the costly price for healthcare. Thankfully, healthtech startups have risen to the challenge. They have developed technology-enabled platforms to provide seamless and affordable access to doctors or clinicians.

Here is a compilation of five Ghanaian healthtech platforms you probably did not know existed.

Vien Health: The Vien Health platform bridges the gap between doctors and patients, exposing them to a virtual world-class experience. With the…

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