6 Developer Communities You Can Join As A Ghanaian Developer

Did you recently start the developer journey? Or you have been in existence for a while, but you operate solo and need a team? Then this is the right article to read. Before I list the various communities you can join, let us delve into what developer communities are.

What are developer communities?

What to look out for when joining a developer community

  • Check if they welcome suggestions, opinions, or feedback
  • Analyze if they are content-oriented
  • Access their support system
  • Check if their goals align with yours

After checking out these bits, here are some developer communities you can consider joining.

Developers in Vogue

They have two key strategies: Cultivation of a Network of Peers- where participants are encouraged to develop strong relationships with their peers and Peer Learning- where two participants share a workstation. They believe it creates an atmosphere for knowledge exchange which improves quality learning.

IoT Network Hub


Python Gh Community

Dev Congress

GDG Accra


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