25 Ghanaian Startups Engage In The KIC AgriTech Challenge Pro Competition 2021

Kosmos Innovation Center(KIC) launched its AgriTech Challenge Pro Competition 2021 and held its first pitch.

Founded in 2016, KIC empowers entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into viable, self-sustaining businesses and we work alongside promising small businesses to help them scale and reach their full potential.

The AgriTech Challenge Pro Competition is an acceleration program that equips existing start-ups with the right tools, funding, and support to bring their business ideas or products to market and prepare them to scale.

The first pitch witnessed 25 startups sell their business concepts to a distinguished panel of judges comprising Ghanaian business leaders and sector experts.

Ten of these startups are working in multiple sectors of the agricultural value chain, four in cereals, three in poultry, three in fruits and vegetables, two in tree crops, two in livestock and one in legumes.

The startups have engaged in active mentorship and coaching training with technical assistance from KIC staff for five months now. The startups also embarked on empathy for data collection and product development.

“The Kosmos Innovation Center continues to develop Ghana’s young entrepreneurs and challenge them to bring fresh thinking and innovation to the agricultural sector. With the new AgriTech Challenge Pro Competition, the KIC is expanding its offerings to more start-ups than ever before,” Mr Joe Mensah, Chairman of the Kosmos Innovation Center’s Board of Directors, stated.

In July, KIC announced two agribusiness startups as winners of its last agritech challenge. The two startups were OASAL Group and Fruitflour. OASAL Group produces affordable ethanol from cashew apples and enables farmers to earn additional income while Fruitflour produces and packages nutritious ready-to-serve baby food from fruits and vegetables.




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Digital Times Africa

Digital Times Africa

Digital Times Africa is a multimedia news organization for technology in Africa and beyond.

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